R&D Tax Relief and Patent Box

Innovation tax reliefs available to reward businesses involved in innovative projects by providing significant tax savings.

R&D (Research and Development) Tax Credits and Patent Box claims fall under the heading of “Innovation Tax Reliefs” rewarding businesses investing time and money on innovation and process improvement.

Businesses eligible to make R&D and Patent Box tax relief claims will be limited companies usually involved in the manufacturing, engineering, design and IT sectors that may develop new products or innovative processes. However, many businesses in other sectors may also qualify without realising that what they are doing, as part of their product or process development, can qualify under the R&D rules.

MGRW have been assisting businesses with claims for R&D Tax Credits since the legislation was introduced by the government. The work that we undertake for clients is part of the Tax Compliance service that we provide in calculating the businesses tax liabilities and agreeing the tax position with HMRC.

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